Tree nursery

The „Bīlasti” tree nursery was opened in 2000 as a family run company „Delta koks”, Ltd. We are located on the boarder of Dobele town, close to the well known lilac gardens, established by the selectionist Pēteris Upītis and to “Liepas” fruit tree nursery.
The tree nursery has 24 hectares of land. Decorative trees and shrubs occupy ca 16 hectares.
The „Bīlasti” tree nursery is specialised in decorative coniferous trees:  thuja, juniper, fir-tree, pine-tree and cypress. Graftlings are also available: pendulent larch, pussy-willow, a number of juniper and fir variations. Foliage trees and shrubs are on offer in small quantities. The seedlings are grown in open field and in containers allowing our customers to plant them safely also in the hot summer season.