Tree nursery

Bilasti is one of the largest tree nurseries in Latvia, with a total area of approximately 24 hectares. Our family-owned company specializes in cultivating a wide range of decorative conifers, including junipers, firs, pines, cypresses, and large quantities of thuja. Additionally, we grow a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs in smaller quantities.

At our nursery, we pride ourselves on providing full-cycle cultivation, from cuttings to fully mature plants. This allows us to offer expert advice and guidance, ensuring that you receive the best plants tailored to your specific garden requirements. Our plants are grown both in containers and in open fields. However, to ensure safe planting for our clients during the hot summer months, we place greater emphasis on container-grown plants.

We are committed to sustainable practices and refrain from using herbicides and fungicides in our cultivation process. Our plants are hardy and well-suited for the Northern European climate, ensuring that they thrive in various weather conditions.